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The Old Woman and the Sea
Narrative short

After the death of her husband, Jo, at the age of 60, tries to find solace in learning how to swim.
This film has screened at festivals including Barnes Film Festival (Best Narrative Film), Thunderdance Film Festival (Runner-up for Best Narrative and Best Director) and Women Over Fifty Film Festivals as well as part of Booth's Salon at the Playback Festival at the ICA

Spoken word
LINES presents a tattooed individual and the empowerment and sense of self that comes with transforming your skin into a canvas of self-expression and artistic appreciation. It looks at both the beauty of the art form but also the ownership behind an individual's decisions in relation to their own body.

'Frigid or Ho' Sketch
Sketch from the amazing EGG comedy duo that is Emily Lloyd-Saini and Anna Leong Brophy.

The Panavia Tornado — A Farewell
This film celebrates the Panavia Tornado's 37 years of exceptional service.

Dromstad - Long Enough
Music video

Befriend to Defend
Spoken word
Based on lived experience and featuring over 20 women, this spoken word film tackles the idea of the “correct” way to respond to threats and assault.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017: How can life go on?
Charity campaign film
The film for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2017 challenges us to think about how we can support those who face hostility today and create a safer society together.

Comedy short
A comedy short made during lockdown about how far people are willing to go for likes and followers.

Grace Savage - Cracks
Music video
Grace Savage is a very talented, independent London based singer songwriter, actor and 4 x UK beatboxing champion

Dromstad - Ask
Music video

Dromstad - Remember
Music video

Light Work Still 6.jpg

Light Work (Coming Soon)
Spoken word
A young woman escapes the chaos and noise of every day life by finding peace in her boxing training.


Switch (Coming Soon)
Short film
Whilst playing cops and robbers in a nearby forest, an imaginative six year old stumbles across a mysterious switch on a tree. Her adventurous friend wants to press but she's not so sure. Will they take the risk to see what will happen?

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